Monday, December 8, 2014

m + j

One of my best friends since high school got married this past summer and I am so excited to finally be able to post about her beautiful wedding. Melissa and Jay are probably the sweetest and most  down to earth couple that you will ever meet. And their wedding reflected everything good and genuine about their relationship.

I had the pleasure of helping Melissa plan her big day during the year leading up to June 7, 2014. I was probably a little too psycho for Melissa, who was the most relaxed and calm bride EVER, but she indulged in my insanity and let me help her {okay maybe help is a too nice a word - take over is probably more fitting} and didn't laugh at me when I created a Pinterest board just for her wedding. 

I think I have looked through M + J's wedding photos about 10 times. Seriously. I'm obsessed. Their amazing photographer, Vivian Sachs, beautifully captured the romantic style of the venue, the breathtaking flowers, and THAT DRESS. Not to mention, the bride. Melissa was effortlessly stunning. She was one of those brides where you actually gasped when you saw her {or cried, sorry I couldn't help it}. Her dress was spectacular and she was spectacular in it.

I loved everything about this wedding. The venue - The Los Altos History Museum, was simple but with just enough rustic charm that did not require too much work in terms of decor. However, the extra items that were incorporated were all DIY, and they perfectly complemented the surrounding landscape and lighting of the venue without taking away from it's natural elegance. I was so honored to be a part of their special day and help them bring it to life; looking through these pictures {AGAIN} brings back such good memories and I'm so glad that they will always be able to cherish them. 

But, enough talking. Just see for yourself ...

 photo Best-471_zps796dc7c4.jpg
 photo photo-5_zpsf2e69ea7.jpg photo Best-346_zps4124c844.jpg photo Best-548_zps3d430e3d.jpg photo Best-80_zps165afece.jpg photo Best-88_zps73c2e909.jpg photo Best-49_zps5e5e0063.jpg photo Best-46_zps230f24ae.jpg photo Best-539_zpsd6e93f87.jpg photo Best-201_zps4d68544e.jpg photo Best-455_zps40a866ec.jpg photo Best-222_zps5b3cad48.jpg photo Best-226_zps2a55ada5.jpg photo Best-229_zps4c46dc67.jpg photo Best-218_zps9cf9df39.jpg photo Best-213_zps61e43f79.jpg photo Best-529_zps4cc8eaab.jpg photo Best-436_zps9c3eb9fa.jpg photo Best-418_zps6c0084f0.jpg photo Best-420_zpscb8195c2.jpg photo Best-424_zpse783139d.jpg photo Best-430_zpsded31f97.jpg photo Best-489_zps3eec1a24.jpg photo Best-219_zpseb411e0d.jpg photo Best-440_zpsc8950c42.jpg photo Best-509_zps4136f6d5.jpg
 photo Best-159_zps2c71a371.jpg
had to include one of us =)
 photo Best-543_zpsd1e91e9b.jpg

 the end


 m + j wedding inspiration

{colors: pink & gray}   {season: summer}   {setting: outdoor ~ rustic}

 {Venue: Los Altos History Museum}{Photography: Vivian Sachs}{Florist: Jeannette's Flowers}
{Wedding Dress: Blue by Enzoani}{Makeup: High Maintenance}
{Bridesmaid Dress: Donna Morgan Sarah}